Every one has has his or her own share of their dreams. For some…it maybe a dream car, house, vacation, marriage, children…it’s an endless list. But for me and my husband one of our greatest dream was to give our children the best education.

Right after my husband and I got married, we decided to have two or three children and we would really plan it…meaning we’ll make sure the kids will be born a few years after the other. My husband came from a big brood. They were eight siblings and we were half that number from my end. We wanted to enjoy our kids and give them their much needed attention thus they had an almost seven years gap. Because of my pre-existing health issue which was diagnosed in 1992 ( three years after our eldest was born) we decided to just have two kids. Our eldest was a boy and so for our second child, we were hoping for a girl but God gave us another son which was just great for us. Both of our boys were born healthy and no complications at all since childbirth. We made sure that they will be good siblings…knowing the meaning of loving and caring for each other.

A few months after my eldest son was born, my husband got him a grade school educational plan. We were happy with it as my eldest son was able to study in an exclusive school for boys in Greenhills… with us only paying his Kindergarten 1 and 2 and Grade 7 as these were not included in the said plan. Then he continued his studies in the same school until he reached college where he earned a degree in Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering with specialization in Project Management. He was the first grandchild from his father’s side to finish college and we were proud parents indeed. And after a year, he passed the board exams for Civil Engineers…which added another accomplishment on our sleeves. My son happens to be the third generation of Civil Engineers in the family…starting from his paternal grandfather then to his father. What an amazing feat! We were overjoyed and we couldn’t avoid shedding tears when we learned of his passing the board exams. And with that…our first dream has finally come.

After five years, another dream has come. My youngest son graduated recently from a well known school in Taft Ave, Manila with a degree in Bachelor of Science in Information Systems. Alas! We become proud parents again (we have always been) and another blessing for us. The sweet smell of victory again for us. While I saw my youngest son accepting his college diploma, I couldn’t stop wiping my tears…thanking God for His unselfish love and goodness to us. He was always there with us…guiding us to be good parents and making sure that we would be able to bring the two boys to the best schools. I am very thankful that my husband is very hardworking and that our boys studied well…if not, all of these would have not happened.

In restrospect…I am glad that we were able to surpass all the trials that we have encountered over the years. Eveything is not as sweet as one might think it is. But we remained strong and ready to face any battle. I’m sure any parent who reads this will understand what I’m driving at.

Now that our two boys are done with their education…it makes us more prouder when we realize that our boys took our advices to them seriously. We always reminded them that we were not wealthy. It’s only their good education that we can leave to them as our legacy. We often told them that material wealth can come and go, but good education will always be there and that no one one will look down on them because they have a degree.

I am happy that my eldest son has been working as a licensed Civil Engineer in one of the top 1000 corporations for almost five years now and my youngest son will soon be braving the new life that is in store for him as a web programmer.

My husband and I are in our fifties and we are contented with what we have achieved…of course our greatest achievements are our two boys! We will continue to live each day as it comes and looking forward for that next step to our dreams. God will lead us there. I know that…deep in my heart! ❤