Dainty Restaurant is a family owned business. Their father, Long You Cheng founded Hongkong Restaurant in the 50’s while their mother, Conchita Patio Cheng, operated their Mr. Cheng Restaurant and Inn. The said restaurant catered mostly to US Servicemen.

Daisy Restaurant offered their 24 hour food delivery service in the late 90’s which became very successful and so the opening of Dainty Tea House and Restaurant was opened adjacent Nepo Mart, which later moved to Nepo Quad. In 2002, Dainty Asian Cuisine was opened in Balibago. It is where the old Mr. Cheng was located. They are now in the process of finishing the renovation of the old Mr. Cheng Inn and will soon reopen to join the flourishing hotel business in Angeles City.

What makes Dainty Restaurant different from the rest? First it’s a home grown Chinese restaurant. Second…their clients have remained loyal inspite of the many Chinese restaurants that have popped out in the city. Third they have a delicious array of food on their menu at affordable prices. Not to mention that Mr. Long You Cheng ,who was also very good in the kitchen, has been in the business for last 65 years (more or less) and has handed it down to his children. In fact Dainty Restaurant in Nepo Quad is a block buster! There was never a time that I went there to dine without a long queue. Locals and people from nearby cities love their food.

Dainty Restaurant’s kitchen is manned by professinal chefs who are able to deliver to their clients their expertise in Asian cooking in collaboration with Chef Matt Mitchell. Behind the spotlight…we have Chef Brenda Long Mitchell who takes care of the over-all operations of the the restaurants together with her brother, Danny Long.

The Long Cheng family has really come a long way and have proved to everyone that hard work and dedication does bring in good rewards.

Dainty Restaurant has three branches in the following places in Angeles City…Henson Street, Nepo Quad and Balibago. You may get in touch with them via these contact nos. (045) 8926595/ (045) 4580248/ (045) 4361160/ +639175016963. By the way…Dainty Restaurant also delivers!

Now,let me feast your eyes and drool to the different food we had during our visit at Dainty Restaurant.